Guiding Fee

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Rates are applicable to assignments commencing from designated entry and / or pick-up points located in the state of Sabah.
  2. Local languages refer to Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin, Tamil and local dialects.
  3. Foreign languages refer to all languages other than those stipulated under the local language groups listed in item b) above.
  4. For all overnight assignment an additional RM 50.00 allowance is applicable per night.
  5. Meals Allowances are to be paid (if no meals are provided):- Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at RM 20.00 per meal
  6. Accommodation is to be provided for overnight assignments. Female or male guides are to be provided with their own individual rooms, and are not to share of rooms with tourists / tour leaders / coach captains. If no accommodation is provided an accommodation allowance of RM 150.00 is applicable.
  7. Upon exceeding the maximum hours indicated in a half day or full day tour including a transfer shown above, an additional hourly charge is applicable regardless of whether a full hour is incurred or not.
  8. For all services or assignments beyond midnight and before 0600hours of the next day, a surcharge of 50% of the respective fees is to be paid.
  9. Empty Run – Transportation charges are to be borne by hirer / operator if no transport is provided for tourist guide to reach the tour commencement, or pick-up points.
  10. Cancellation of any assignments must be given at least twenty-four (24) hours notice in advance failing which a full cancellation fee equivalent to the tourist guides’ professional fees must be paid. In the case of overland assignments three (3) days’ notice in advance must be given, otherwise a cancellation fee equivalent to a one (1) day professional fee is payable.
  11. Double Tourist Guiding Fees are applicable on the following public holidays:-
    1. New Year Day – 1st. January
    2. Labour Day – 1st. May
    3. Kaamatan
    4. Hari Raya Puasa
    5. Chinese Lunar New Year
    6. Wesak
    7. Merdeka Day – 31st. August
    8. Christmas – 25th. December
  12. Hirer / tour operator are to provide the tourist guide with the itinerary and name list containing the passenger’s particulars.
  13. The use of the ‘Tour Assignment Confirmation’ Form available at: is recommended to provide and to confirm details of the tour / assignment to benefit both tourist guide and hirer /tour operator.

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    Just want to ask. My friend want to apply a license of tour guide in sabah, where should he apply for it?

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