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RSTG – BLUE BADGE (2nd – 7th MARCH, 2015)

Attention: ALL BLUE-LICENSED GUIDES…. Those Blue license STGA guides who have yet to take the RSTG course, please be informed that a RSTG course for BLUE LICENSED GUIDE will be…

stga announcements

RSTG Migration – Green Course (Sandakan)

*** RSTG Migration – Green Course (Sandakan) *** Dates : 12th – 17th January 2015 (Week 1) 2nd – 7th February 2015 (Week 2) 9th – 14th March 2015 (Week…

stga announcements

RSTG (Region Specific Tourist Guide) Badge Updates

Attention : ALL STGA TOUR GUIDES, i) 3-WEEKS STRAIGHT COURSE (GREEN BADGE @ ATI – Asian Tourism Institute) DATE : 13 Oct – 01 Nov 2014 The 3-Weeks straight course…