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Dear Members,

After a meet up with TourWaze by exco (Alvin, SuYee, GraceLim), below is what we found out about this portal so far…

1. TourWaze is only role as a portal which provide connection among service provider (destination), tour guide (TGs), merchant (travel agency – TAs) & consumer (tourist)
2. This portal is the 1st in Malaysia & they hope can expand to worldwide
3. Current stage they only provide service via website (desktop & mobile version); but no mobile App yet. They might come up with mobile app in near future according to Mr. Stanley (Founder)
4. Current stage if those TG who registered to their portal, no fee charges will be apply.
5. The portal serve as demand & supply among their user

6. For the concern on TGs part, they serve as a portal which connect TGs and TAs.
a. TGs can list out their profile such as specialty, years of experience, availability, guide fee references, and etc.
b. there will be rating system shown on the said TGs pertain to their commitment on task, feedback, recommendation, etc.
c. These portal also work the same way towards TAs whereby TGs can also give the rating towards TAs
d. Deal (payment/fee related) is only happen amongst TGs & TAs; no direct relation amongst TGs & tourist
e. TourWaze will not be involve in the deal/negotiation amongst TGs & TAs

7. How’s this portal can benefit to TGs
a. More explosion to the markets
b. Terms & Conditions will be impose amongst TGs & TAs in order to secure & reduce the conflict pertain to the last minutes cancellation/amendment of tour agreement
c. E-marketing trend in view of current era

For those who may require more information with regard to TourWaze, you may contact them at 088-702181; (www.tourwaze.com)