*** Informtion & Update on RSTG Badge License***

This is an update for the RSTG (Region Specific Tourist Guide) Badge of the information on what it is about, its migration process from current valid badge, RSTG Course details and etc….from the briefing held on the 5th July 2014 at the Red Cross Headquarter Building, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

The RSTG Course will be conducted tentatively in September 2014 until December 2015. Duration of the course will depend on your current validity of your badge as stated below:-

A “BLUE” badge needs to have a course credit of 50 hours (1 Week).
A “GREEN” badge needs to have a course credit of 150 hours (3 Weeks).

If you have a “BLUE” and “GREEN” badge that are both valid, its an automatic migration to the RSTG badge (No course credit needed).

All license badges ARE to be valid (Not Expired!!!) to be considered for the migration of the RSTG Badge.

All tour guides having a license, be it “BLUE” or “GREEN”, will have to convert it to RSTG Badge before December 2015.

RSTG Course will be evaluating your performance in Written Exam (20%) and Practical Assessment (80%) at the end of the session.

All course modules are based on the NOSS (National Occupational Skill Standard) Tourist Guide (Code: HT-023-3), whilst the training and licensing of Localised Nature Guides is based on the NOSS of Localised Tourist Guide (Code : L-020-2). Both licensed are issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia.

The 1-Week RSTG course (“BLUE” badge) has a cost of RM 1050.00.
The 3-Weeks RSTG course (“GREEN” badge) has a cost of RM 2050.00.

STGA has been “negotiating” and “finalizing” with the Ministry of Tourism to NOT WANT this costing to be absorbed by its tour guide members. A winning solution was put forward to allow STGA’s National Accredited Trainers (SKM/PP) and WFTGA Trainers to conduct the courses for its members.

The actual registration schedules and costings for the RSTG course will be announced at a later time, when all documentations and facilities for the training centers have been finalized. STGA is looking forward to a collaboration with Kinabalu Commercial College (KCC) in utilizing its training rooms and facilities for the RSTG Course.

At the meantime, STGA wants YOU to update your membership with us and submit your Details Update Forms before the 15th July 2014. MOTAC requires to have a list of our STGA Membership and we will not hesitate to delete and discontinue your name from our list if you have not update anything with us by the said date.

Please contact STGA or EXCO members if you have any inquiry or clarification pertaining to this.

Thank you.