Dont Import Racial Based TGA Into Sabah Tourism Industry


Sabah Tourist Guides Association (STGA) is disappointment at Sabah Native Registered Tourist Guides Association (SNRTGA) for being unprofessional and unethical as they gave misleading statement at New Sabah Times (16th October 2013).

“We wish to refute their highlighted points and suggest the disgruntled association to engage us through dialogue to protect the tourist guiding profession”, STGA Chairman Mr Daniel Doughty

In reference to the SNRTGA claimed on the importance for Tourist Guides Association to be affiliated to MTGC in order to be protected and get their guiding license, STGA Chairman Mr Daniel Doughty said, “There is no legal framework that required a State TGA to be affiliated to MTGC, This argument was further confirmed by Senior officials in MOTAC through email correspondence. The remark of NO LEGAL FRAMEWORK in the email was also forwarded to WFTGA President last year October as STGA then were in the process of registering as a member in the World Federation of Tourist Guides Association”

“We urged them to prove the availability of the legal requirementand if there is none available within seven working days from today in writing to STGA Officials, we expect them to come out on the local paper apologizing to the state tourism stakeholder for deliberately giving misleading information”.

He further adds that “by being de-affiliated from MTGC, it did not stop anyone from getting their license and as matter of fact most of those disgruntle tourist guides in SNRTGA got their license through STGA”.

Doughty said that the numbers of rouge tourist guides with political agenda that form the unprecedented racial based TGA in Sabah (SNRTGA) is just a handful, less than 4 percent of STGA 1700 members, while the rest are new ill informed and confuse TG. “We received official complain from concerned STGA members on SNRTGA unethical tactics in recruiting, slanderous comments and lies, however we did not pursue any action as we are hoping that they will come to their senses”

“We have officially warned MOTAC of the implication, state our protest for approving these bad hats and air our displease in MOTAC leadership for being bias in their decision making through official letter last year dated on 12/12/2012, however the racial tourist guides association received immediate approval without STGA consultation by MOTAC nor the desire to acquire the truth on slanders hurl toward STGA as per the official report send by MOTAC to STGA dated 10/12/2012. Until today, STGA is still waiting for MOTAC responses to our official letter and enquiry”. added Doughty

STGA states that the underhand tactic made by these irresponsible and selfish handful rogue TG to reposition themselves for glory, position and power through the help of several irresponsible personality has disharmonized the tourist guiding industry in Sabah.

Based on audio recording made by STGA at an official meeting between MTGC and STGA chaired by Senior Federal Officer late last year, MTGC did not get the approval to set up any chapter or affiliation in Sabah as all Sabah Tourist Guides is required to be coordinated by STGA. STGA has since asked for the official meeting minutes yet we still have not received any response. STGA consider this as broken promises.

STGA has since move forward by being affiliated to the World Federation of Tourist Guides Association and through the collaboration with UMS , initiated the 1st  International WFTGA Training Centre in Asia. We have also continue to defend the profession and members on various issues on numerous time through partnership with local tourism stakeholders and in near time will be co-organizing a tourism conference along with National Association such as MAH and MATTA.

“SNRTGA whom is a Racial Based TGA claim that their association is open to all guides in Sabah, what they did not disclose is that non bumiputera members are not given any voting rights in any policy or decision making, those are traits of irresponsible “wannabe” politician”. He added.

Doughty urged Sabah Tourist Guides not to accept any outside influenced racial based tourist guides association and highlight these kind of race agenda tourism association will not bring benefit to the states as visitors do not care what race you belong to while your handling their tours.

STGA feel that it is time for MTGC to take a rest, this is because STGA is experience enough to handle the State’s Tourist Guiding Internal Affairs, Issue in Sabah only take place when MTGC from Kuala Lumpur interfere with States Matters through SNRTGA.

“We hope that leaders in SNRTGA whom mostly today are still members of STGA to stop promoting racial based TG association, come to their senses that tourism in sabah is beyond race issue and suggest that they stand in the coming election if they sincerely believe that Sabah Tourist Guides still need to be babysit by MTGC.” said Doughty

Doughty added that the STGA Executive Committee wish to remind SNRTGA leaders that there limitation to how far one can go on with blatant lies, confusing and contradicting statement in running an association. The Executive Committee wish to share these advise because STGA was establish since 1977, and experiences from new members, senior members and past executive committee whom mostly today are respective leaders, tour operators and trainers in tourism industry highlights that the tourist guiding profession means nothing if there is division.

“We urged you (SNRTGA) to put on a consultative head, stop the bickering, join us and move on as how STGA has through the World Federation of Tourist Guides Association” said Doughty